Transforming Darkness to Light

Transforming Darkness to Light

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‘Transforming Darkness to Light’ focuses on integration of the Lightworker’s shadow, healing the body, chakras and relationships through shadow work integration. A comprehensive Lightworker toolkit is provided. 10 meditations and many other guided processes including sand tray therapy, journaling, voice dialogue, dream work, Lightfilled yoga and creative therapies are provided to support the Lightworker in their own journey and helping in others.

The 15 Archangel archetypes are introduced to assist the Lightworker practitioner in balancing the lightest and darkest sides of each one. Practical tools for protection, release and transformation of darkness are included for adults, children and pets. This is the 3rd of a series of 7 training manuals written for the Lightworker Practitioner Training™. Author and creator of this training Michelle Lightworker lives and breathes Lightworking and her life’s purpose is dedicated to projects assisting the evolution of consciousness towards love and light.

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