I live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland with the love of my life and wife Michelle. I am a father of 4 & caring step father to Michelle’s daughters Sarah & Phoenix.

I have an affinity with the natural world which provides me with inspiration solitude & a connection to my Higher Power. Although I appreciate all forms of life, I have a keen interest in reptiles & Amphibians which expose me to the beauty of all kinds of environments such as rainforests, bushland & of course the magnificent Australian Outback.

My interests are at an observational level only & based on minimising my interaction with these beautiful beings. I am also a keen Surfer who likes to greet the morning sun whilst floating in the water whenever the ocean invites me to do so. Apart from providing a source of maintaining my fitness, Surfing also provides time to meditate & appreciate the beauty of the universe from a different perspective. My connection with water also aligns me with dolphins and whales which play a significant part of my spirituality.

My passion for painting, photography, nature and connecting with my Spiritual resources create the perfect marriage in my artwork. I believe that this form of creativity provides all inspiration I need to continually evolve on every level. I have traveled extensively in the development of inspirational paintings. I plan to continue my worldly exploration with Michelle at every opportunity.

Although I work full time in the Electrical Industry, I find pleasure in achieving a work life balance that creates space to collaborate with Michelle on creative projects.

My role in Lightworker Foundation Ltd is to provide a support role for Michelle and to provide artwork either in conjunction with Lightworker Foundation or as stand alone pieces.