The Lightfilled Being

The Lightfilled Being

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“The Lightfilled Being”, is the sixth book in the Lightworker Practitioner Training series by Michelle Lightworker. It offers an insight to increase the vibration of the physical body using yoga, activities, movement and dance. This guide also provides a stepping stone for practitioners and students in learning Lightfilled Holistic Diagnosis and provides a foundation to assess client’s excesses/depletion in their physical, etheric and astral bodies.

In order for client’s to heal on all levels, they need to acknowledge their spiritual bodies as well as their physical bodies – they are interlinked. Lightfilled Healing, Lightfilled Bodywork, Lightfilled Eating and Lightfilled Death and Dying are all explored in order to understand how these principles can be applied to modern day complimentary and medical therapies/interventions.

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