From our Graduates

“When I first enrolled in the Lightworker Practitioner Training, I never imagined how much my life would transform. The training has empowered me to find my own inner peace and happiness, things that I had spent most of my life searching for. I highly recommend this training for anyone and everyone, no matter where they are in their life’s journey.”

Tess Gadenne

“At the time of starting this course, I knew I needed some direction, but it wasn’t until I really started digging deep with all the information provided, that is when I really found the parts of me I was missing.  You get what you put in, like most courses, but I feel the difference for me is that I didn’t  just stop the process of learning when I walked out the door and away from the facilitator, it is almost like the course becomes in syncronisation with your life.  The course IS for everyone, and I felt no judgement, in fact my trust and love has grown from that feeling.  I can see the changes in my own self as well as others seeing those changes in me, as I feel this has paved the way for me to be a better person in every aspect.    I found LPT really easy to integrate as the aspects of the course just find their way into your life when you need them.  Lightworker Practitioner Training has become part of my lifestyle.  The support and help throughout the course has been amazing.  The journey up till now has been a great experience, and I know I will continue to use the information and integrate it throughout the rest of my life.  It just makes sense!” Lori Fahy


“This training has transformed my life in so many ways that it’s difficult to describe in words. Before I commenced Level One, I was tangled up in so much fear that it was holding me back from fulfilling my dreams. Now I am so much more connected to my True Self.  The Lightworker Practitioner training is not just another spiritual development course, it helps you to evolve as a human being on this Earth and find your life purpose. It gives you the tools to connect with your spiritual resources + empowers you in all areas of your life. It also provides you with an ethical foundation for helping others to do the same. In the past I was always seeking knowledge from outside sources, and now I trust my own inner knowing. If everyone did this training, the world would be a better place. I have never felt so much PEACE + CLARITY in my life as I do now.”Jade Banks

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