Making Light Work

Making Light Work

Paperback (USD) Price $23.30

‘Making Light Work’ is a practical resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of evolving their own higher consciousness and assisting others if they feel called to do so. This book covers the Lightworker’s philosophy, 12 Principles of the Lightworker Practitioner, Spiritual Resources, Structuring a session plus an Overview of the Lightworker Practitioner Training™.

A Lightworker Practitioner Toolkit is also included with 15 meditations and many more tools. This is the 1st of a series of 7 training manuals written for the Lightworker Practitioner Training™. Author and creator of this training Michelle Lightworker lives and breathes Lightworking and her life’s purpose is dedicated to projects assisting the evolution of consciousness towards love and light.

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