Living Abundant Light

Living Abundant Light

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“Living Abundant Light”, is the seventh book in the Lightworker Practitioner Training series by Michelle Lightworker. This book aims to provide student and practitioners with the information and tools required to assist their clients in manifesting abundance in their lives. Skills in confronting and transforming sabotage and barriers to receiving abundance are provided. Most importantly, this book assists the reader to find and realise their life purpose and put their own stamp on new projects, workshops, training and programs.

Lightfilled Marketing principles assist the practitioner in marketing and in assisting their clients to market their own businesses, projects and creations successfully. Lightfilled Co-creating concepts provide an opportunity to learn to work harmoniously with others. This training also assists with teaching children to evolve their own Higher Consciousness through Lightfilled Parenting. Aligning and spiritualising the Base Chakra, this seventh book aims to address Lightfilled Sexuality in order to ensure that clients are able to integrate their Higher Selves into their whole body and embrace their sexuality. This is the final instalment of the Lightworker Practitioner Training series (for now).

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