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With over a dozen issues 2015-2017, this magazine aims to transcend traditional magazines by concentrating on 12 high frequency principles to raise the vibration of the whole planet. We call these the 12 Powerful Everyday Lightworker Principles. These were featured in the 2016 Hay House World Summit by Michelle Lightworker, the editor of this magazine and Founder of Lightworker Foundation Ltd.


Our aim is creating a united holistic community without competition or focusing on a specific modality as 'the one'. Lightworker Advocate Magazine provides a great example of how it's done.




March-May 2017 Edition Issue 14(See bottom of page for all previous editions)



This set of principles as the central theme of the magazine, is designed from the get-go to raise the vibration of the reader and contributors alike.

Here is a brief explanation of the 12 principles. The intention is to bring enlightenment to the power of these principles. Notice how you resonate as you read them.

  1. Honesty - without it, we live a lie. With it, we can begin to live the truth of why we are here.
  2. Open-mindedness - without it, we live in fierce judgment and narrow-mindedness. With it we are open and accepting of all the resources we need to contribute towards our enlightenment and the growing consciousness of a better world.
  3. Willingnes - without it, we are resistant. With a bit of a sprinkle of willingness we can move mountains. We invite Spirit into the very nature and fabric around our every decision.
  4. Forgiveness - without it, we stay stuck in toxic recycled garbage, our hearts clamouring to be let out of their prison. With it, we are free to move on, let go of the past and to love with an open heart.
  5. Unity - without it we feel alone, separate, abandoned and narcissistic. With it we allow ourselves to connect with the infiniteness inside everyone and together we can co-create with harmony.
  6. Discipline - without it we are easily distracted and led astray. With it we are able to listen to our guidance and follow the next step we are guided to do - even if that is all we know to be true.
  7. Faith - without it we don't trust and we are cynical. With it, we are able to take big leaps knowing that we are always safe 100% of the time in the truest sense of the word. Spirit always has our back, even when we feel we have been let down, with faith we are able to see all experiences are in our highest good.
  8. Responsibility - without it, we blame and obsess about what others have done to us or others. With it we can stop playing the victim card, pick ourselves up and start to create the life we really want to live, free from oppression and start to role model the change we want to see.
  9. Love - without it, we fear and we hate. With it, we are able to see the cry for love in any given situation and it melts our cold hearts. We are able to love ourselves enough to stand up for what we know we deserve.
  10. Wholeness - without it we feel broken. With it we feel that anything we perceive is a lack, really holds an unforeseen gift. We are able to practise self-love, self-protection, self-care, self-awareness and self-moderation.
  11. Joy - without it it we feel depressed and take life too seriously. With it we find meaning in our life purpose and have a lightfilled view of every situation.
  12. Peace - without it we feel unrest, anxiety, we fear boredom and we thrive on drama. With it we know that every decision that comes from a place of peace and creates more peace. We become a profound transformational presence of peace.

To read them in dot point, may not hold the same impact of what the Lightworker Advocate aims to do. However, when you have read a few stories on honesty back to back for example, you begin to see the profound way that this principle has changed people's lives. We invite you to pick one principle above and feel into how a collective of articles will profoundly change the reader.

From it's conception in October 2015,  we covered one principle per month for the first 12 months. Now we have moved all of the principles into the one quarterly issue.

We have people from many walks of life contributing different points of view. For instance, we have business owners, artists, new parents, yoga instructors, dance teachers, writers, singers and many others all offering their points of view.

We currently have a wonderful base of Lightworker Practitioner students and graduates who are well versed in these principles. They were our primary contributors to the Lightworker Advocate, however we see this growing as our readership becomes more enlightened. We see this magazine bringing the inner Lightworker out in everybody!

We thank you in advance for joining us in our vision to raise the planet's vibration.

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