We proudly sponsor FiveD.TV by offering production studio & equipment for filming TV shows.

FiveD.TV is a worldwide subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service that provides curated conscious media in three primary channels—Star Nations, Human Ascension, Earth Revival—to its global subscribers. Many of its growing titles are available for streaming exclusively on FiveD.TV through most devices connected to the Internet and some of the programs are generated by content produced or owned by FiveD.TV.

FiveD.TV has for its symbol the “merkabah” also spelled “merkaba” and that represents the divine light vehicle allegedly used by Ascended Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.


Michelle Lightworker in conjuction with Lightworker Foundation is Executive Producer of the following TV series for  FiveD.TV

"High Vibe Hunter"

"Spirit Animals"

"Everything Animals" with psychic medium Amanda De Warren

"Everyday Lightworker 101"

"Enlightened Conversations"


"Planet Protectors"

"Enlightened Sexuality"


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Watch their introductory video below:

Enlightened Conversations TV Show


As of 2018, Lightworker Foundation is sponsoring the Facebook live streamed TV Show Enlightened Conversations. This TV show hosted by Michelle Lightworker and other hosts is in its third season. With over 100 episodes under its belt, we still believe that we can influence global change one conversation at a time.

These unscripted and uncut conversations are creating a space to invite Spirit into the mix to enlighten our view. This is intuitive broadcasting at its best. We allow the organic nature of our conversation to flow. Whether we are talking about what makes our heart sing right now, what’s happening in the world or something we have just been through, it is all great fodder for enlightenment! The aim of the show is to role model an enlightened conversation to inspire and focus on the gifts of any situation. Watch all episodes, podcasts & live streams under individual hosts listed here


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Season 3 commences 1 March 2018