Lightworker Foundation aims to 'Elevate Enlightened Enterprises' through education, technology, marketing, social networking and conscious media.

Lightworker Foundation accepts non-tax deductable donations (as we are not a charity). We are a not-for-profit. You don't donate because you are motivated by a conditional financial return in your tax. You are motivated to donate out of freedom and by the belief that what we do is making a difference to raise the vibration of this planet and beyond.

Thank you for believing in Lightworker Foundation!

Contributions are accepted via Pay Pal

Other ways to contribute to Lightworker Foundation Ltd

  1. Become a member (only $10AUS)
  2. Sponsor us
  3. Gift your time/product/service

Please note that we are not a registered charity, so any financial contributions are from a place of unconditional love and are not tax deductible.