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Consultations with

Michelle Lightworker


Michelle broadcasts group and private readings through the global webcam ‘Oranum’ platform.

Michelle's readings are based on helping you raise your vibrational frequency. She uses her own Everyday Lightworker Oracle cards that she created based on her book the Everyday Lightworker Bible.

Her chat room for group readings is totally free!

You can jump into a private consultation whilst Michelle is online.

You can schedule a private consultation using the Oranum Scheduling System. Simply join Oranum and message Michelle.

Michelle Lightworker's Oranum Profile name is 'HighVibes4All' and this is the direct link to her chat room. https://www.oranum.com/chat/HighVibes4All

Free Consultations


Our Lightworker Practitioner Students offer free consulations as part of their practical hours. Please join our facebook group to engage with the student community.